my story

I am Anaregina which means "gracious queen." I was born in Miami, Florida and my family is from Mexico City. I am twenty four years old. Ever since I was nine years old I've known that my dream was to be an international best selling author and now here I am making it true! Other than writing I am passionate about people, specifically passionate people, specifically passionate people fulfilling their purpose! I believe that is the power that can change the world. I adore that energy. I also adore my dog Jodie and I adore going to the beach especially when I feel emotional or drained. It nurtures me. So do good books and good friends. And my boyfriend (well most of the time).


Recently, I've fallen in love with acro yoga and breathwork. I host writing workshops that include breathwork to leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and creative. Creativity is magic to me. I believe my memoir has the power to inspire you the way writing it inspired me. It gave me the catharsis I needed to accept the death of my dad and five years later I can say with full confidence that he helped me make my dream come true and I am the daughter I promised to be. I am destined for greatness, like he said I was. I turned my pain into art like I promised him I would. I am flawed and filled with fears just like you, but just like you I get back up and rise above it. I learned through this entire experience that my dad's love will always be with me and I have the power to inspire the world one word at a time.


Thank you for joining me on my journey,


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